Byungwhi Caleb Kong

Byungwhi Caleb Kong

Functional Genomics and Molecular Virologist

Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences

(POSC)-Poultry Science

Phone: 479-575-5494

Fax: 479-575-7139

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Dr. Kong's current research focus is on the host-virus interactions and genetically engineered vaccine development to prevent avian infectious viruses.

  • POSC/ANSC 3123 Principles of Genetics
  • AFLS 3512H Rotations in Agricultural Laboratory Research
  • B.S., Animal Science, Korea University, South Korea
  • M.S., Molecular Cell Biology, University of Minnesota
  • Ph.D., Molecular Virology, University of Minnesota
  • Rachamadugu R, Lee YM, Wooming A, and Kong BW. 2009. Identification and expression analysis of infectious laryngotracheitis virus encoding microRNAs. Virus Genes. In press..
  • Kong BW, Carlson DF, Fahrenkrug SC, and Foster DN. 2008. Application of the Sleeping Beauty transposon system to avian cells. Animal Genetics. 39(2):180-6
  • Kong BW, Foster LK, and Foster DN. 2008. Species specific deletion of the viral attachment glycoprotein of avian metapneumovirus. Virus Res. 132(1-2):114-21
  • Kong BW, Foster LK, and Foster DN. 2008. A method for the rapid isolation of virus from cultured cells. Biotechniques. 44(1):97-9 
  • Kong BW, Foster LK, and Foster DN. 2007. Establishment of an immortal turkey turbinate cell line suitable for avian metapneumovirus propagation. Virus Res. 127(1):106-15
  • Kong BW, Foster LK, and Foster DN. 2006. Comparison of avian cell substrates for propagating subtype C avian metapneumovirus. Virus Res. 116(1-2):58-68.
  • Christman SA, Kong BW, Landry MM, Kim H, and Foster DN. 2006. Contribution of differential p53 expression in the spontaneous immortalization of a chicken embryo fibroblast cell line. BMC Cell Biology. 7:27.
  • Christman SA, Kong BW, Landry MM, Kim H, and Foster DN. 2005. Modulation of p53 expression and its role in the conversion to a fully immortalized chicken embryo fibroblast line. FEBS Letter. 579(30):6709-15.