john w tyson building

Campus Facilities Overview:

  • John W. Tyson Building - The 112,000-square-foot John W. Tyson building is the home of the Center of Excellence for Poultry Science. The Center is the largest teaching and research facility on the University of Arkansas campus. It is comprised of a lab wing, an atrium and an office wing. The lab wing has 100 laboratory modules, environmental chambers, walk-in freezers and coolers, teaching labs and computer labs, a kitchen and tasting booths for sensory evaluation and other research support facilities. The office wing has space for faculty, support staff and graduate student offices. The wings are connected by the atrium, which includes the Pioneer Room, conference rooms, resource rooms, and lounge areas. The atrium also opens into the Leland Tollett Auditorium.
  • State-Wide Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
  • Central Analytical Laboratory
  • Departmental Cell Sorting and Characterization Center

Additionally, some of our equipment includes a real-time PCR, biosensor technology, flow cytometry, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and other molecular research equipment, DNA microchip arrayer, phospho- and luminescence imagers, robotic liquid handling systems, DNA synthesizers and sequencers, high-tech computer lab for research and presentation preparation and fully computer-automated Central Analytical Laboratory containing HPLC mass spectrophotometer and protein analysis equipment.

Farm Facilities Overview:

  • Pilot Processing Plant -The 10,000-square-foot pilot processing plant is used for teaching processing techniques and for on-going food safety research projects. The primary and further processing areas allow commercial groups and students access to all areas of modern poultry processing.
  • Research Farm (on campus) -The research farm facilities include the hatchery, genetics unit, pullet rearing facility, battery brooder, caged layer house, broiler breeder houses and turkey houses.
  • Applied Broiler Research Unit (Savoy, Arkansas) -The four full-sized broiler houses located at the ABRU are equipped with computerized environmental control and data collections systems capable of commercial-type production research.
  • Feed Mill -The state-of-the-art feed mill has the ability to make research-specific diets from small bags to large bulk capacity. A feed truck makes bulk delivery an important part of the feed mill operation.
  • John Kirkpatrick Skeeles Poultry Health Laboratory -The 12,000-square-foot Poultry Health Laboratory is capable of the highest bio-safety rating (P3) of any university laboratory dedicated to poultry research.
  • Division of Agriculture Broiler/Breeder Research Farm -A gift of $844,793 from Tyson Foods subsidiary, Cobb-Vantress, Inc., in Siloam Springs, was used for construction of a broiler breeder research facility at the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture research complex near Savoy, west of Fayetteville. This facility is currently under lease to a poultry company.

Savoy Broiler House Tour