Poultry Science Dual Curriculum Course

Welcome to the website for dual curriculum credit in poultry science. On this site you will find links to Chapters 1 – 6 of the curriculum, notes, a glossary and the frameworks.

We’d like to know that you are teaching this course, be able to provide you with technical support and schedule site visits if you’d like.  Please email your contact information to GARY DAVIS at the beginning of each semester so we can stay in contact.


SECTION 1 - Introduction to Poultry Science and Industry
SECTION 2 - Poultry Genetics
SECTION 3 - Reproductive Anatomy and Egg Formation
SECTION 4 - Poultry Physiology and Health
SECTION 5 - Feeds and Feeding of Commercial Poultry
SECTION 6 - Hatchery Management

Ag Science Notes

Poultry Science Glossary

Arkansas Department of Career Education Model Framework