The Department of Poultry Science encourages our students to get involved during their time at the U of A and take advantage of the opportunities available within the department and Bumpers College.

Poultry science students have the opportunity to join various clubs, teams and organizations, volunteer with departmental outreach and education programs, and conduct and present research in their undergraduate and graduate careers. The department also offers faculty-led study abroad programs through Bumpers College.

If you are a student in need of assistance with academic advising, please contact Gary Davis,


poultry science club meeting


The Poultry Science Club and the Graduate Student Association are made up of a diverse group of students who have the common interest in poultry. 

poultry judging

Poultry Judging

Our students have an opportunity to compete on the University of Arkansas National Collegiate Poultry Judging Team. Additionally, the University of Arkansas hosts the statewide FFA Poultry Judging Contest.

Cobb Internship


Poultry Science internships offer students a chance to earn a paycheck and gain valuable hands-on training which complements and expands their classroom experiences.

Barbara thesis

Honors Program

Poultry science students can apply to join the Bumpers College Honors Program and conduct research while completing their undergraduate degree program