Poultry Science Research and Extension

Our department maintains a variety of research programs and strives to disperse findings throughout the state of Arkansas and beyond through research and extension services. Through collaboration with the U of A System Division of Agriculture, the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Cooperative Extension Service, our faculty conduct impactful research that is translated from the lab to the field to your household. 

research focus areas

Research Focus Areas

The Center of Excellence for Poultry Science shall provide comprehensive programs in research dedicated to improving the lives of Arkansans associated with all components of the poultry industry by generating knowledge through research and putting that knowledge to use through education.

Poultry Show

Poultry Science Extension

Poultry Science Extension provides educational outreach of unbiased, research based information and best management practices to the poultry industry and to poultry owners.

John W. Tyson  Building


The John W. Tyson Building is the largest teaching and research facility on the University of Arkansas campus. We have numerous Agricultural research and extension facilities near campus as well.