Poultry Meat Quality and Product Technology



Researchers in the poultry meat quality and product technology focus area seek to develop mitigation strategies to address product defects arising from live production, processing or food safety interventions, improve process efficiencies and optimize further processed product formulations.


Poultry Meat Quality and Product Technology Researchers:

  • John Marcy - Professor and Extension Poultry Processing Specialist: coordinates educational opportunities in the poultry industry for microbial improvement/safety in poultry products and processing and conducts research in poultry processing and meat science
  • Yanbin Li - Food Safety/Food Processing:  food processing and engineering. Current research includes biosensors-based rapid detection methods, microbial predictive modeling and quantitative risk assessment, and antimicrobial intervention technologies for food safety and quality
  • Casey Owens - Meat Scientist:  production and processing factors affecting muscle metabolism and meat quality including muscle myopathies.  Research also focuses on detection and evaluation methods for meat quality and defects