Poultry Breeding and Genetics



Researchers in Poultry Breeding and Genetics utilize quantitative, population, and molecular genetic techniques to help understand the effects of selection for economically important traits and enhance genetic performance through changes in environment and management strategies.


Poultry Breeding and Genetics Researchers:

  • Craig Coon - Poultry Nutritionist: broiler breeders and broilers in the utilization and partitioning of energy, amino acids and minerals between maintenance, gain, body composition, and egg production. Nutrient requirements and metabolism linked to environment, feedstuff quality, and physiological changes
  • Sara Orlowski - Poultry Extension Management Specialist in Poultry Breeding and Genetics: Acts as a liaison between the faculty in the POSC department and the poultry industry. Conducts research in the areas of quantitative and population genetics in broilers, layers and quail. Selects and maintains genetic lines of poultry and quail for industry relevant traits including water efficiency, disease resistance, and meat quality
  • Douglas Rhoads - University Professor of Biological Sciences: genomic analyses, gene mapping, breeding, and management strategies to reduce metabolic diseases in broilers. Current focus is on pulmonary hypertension leading to ascites, and bacterial infections leading to lameness