Poultry Nutrition and Production Management



Researchers in poultry nutrition and production management seek to enhance the health, welfare, and economical and environmental sustainability of poultry production through optimized nutritional and management programs.


Poultry Nutrition and Production Management Researchers:

  • Amanda Ashworth - Soil Scientist:  poultry litter management systems for improved nutrient cycling and environmental sustainability
  • Craig Coon - Poultry Nutritionist: broiler breeders and broilers in the utilization and partitioning of energy, amino acids and minerals between maintenance, gain, body composition and egg production. Nutrient requirements and metabolism linked to environment, feedstuff quality and physiological changes
  • Mike Kidd - Poultry Nutritionist: broiler nutrient utilization and production management with specific emphasis in broilers on amino acid needs, economics of novel feed ingredients, sustainable diet/nutrient solutions and nutrition by environmental management synergies
  • Yi Liang - Agricultural Engineer, Poultry Housing System and Environment: conducts ventilation, heating, cooling and litter management in live production environments
  • Philip Moore, Jr. - Soil Scientist: poultry manure management to improve air, soil and water quality
  • Sam Rochell - Poultry Nutritionist: poultry nutrition with a primary focus on amino acid, mineral and energy utilization in broilers.  Emphasis is also placed on nutritional evaluation of feed ingredients and the interaction between nutrition and commercially relevant poultry diseases, such as coccidiosis